Saturday, 26 March 2011

Made a Start

Finally got a bit of time to myself today to make a start on 'n hen Ddraig Benty. The original plan was to cut all the slate down into square pieces but after cutting a few I realized it was going to take for ever so had another sit down trying to put the jigsaw of slate together in the room and I think I have finally cracked it. I had already decided that I didn't want the cracks between them to be equal as I want it to look old and hodge podge.

So here is the result. I haven't stuck them down yet as I'm now deciding whether to do what I want to do to the walls first.

I also managed to find some time to do the first coat of paint on the windows. I have put the new door up against it to see how that will look as well, that too will be painted black and I have something very special ordered to go on there.

In other news I might me getting Hubby into miniatures as he has shown interest in taking possession of the lease on my other little shop box and turning it into a comic book store


  1. Penni the floor is going to look great and how exciting your hubby is going to take up miniatures. I love the kit you are using, you have way better shop kits in the UK than we do here.

    Victoria ❤

  2. I'm not actually sure who this kit is made by as I bought it second hand from a friend, but I saw some lovely big shop box's at miniatura last weekend.

    As for hubby I'm not holding my breath, he's been saying he would like to do an old shack with zombies for a while now, so we will see

  3. Love following your in progress Penni! How fantastic to have a hubby who is venturing into the mini world! My poor other half suffers in silence when I tell him my ideas LOL Im sure he would much rather I didnt interupt him watching football LOL
    (bits will be ready soon!)

  4. Thank you Nicky

    He would rather I didn't interrupt the footie or PS3 either but he just mentioned over dinner it would make a good comic shop, I think I might end up doing it though lol

  5. That floor will look amazing in there Penni, lovely to see your work in progress, good luck with it hun xx