Monday, 21 March 2011


Welcome to my new blog 'n hen Ddraig Benty.

This blog will follow my witches cottage from and pre loved shop box to a place of magic.

It will be a big change for me as those of you that follow my other blog Modern Dolls House will know I only usually do modern.

I'm really excited to be doing this and ever since returning from the NEC on Saturday I have been buzzing with ideas, that I cant wait to put into action.

However before I do that I need to get down to the business of stripping it back and making some repairs, which I have made a start on. all the wallpaper and carpet needs to come out and the door needs replacing. I'm going to keep the bay window as I think it will give it a nice look. I have also decided to keep the strip of wood along the top which originally would have been for the shop sign as I decided that should I wish to add a second level later on then it will hide the join neatly.

So here are some picture of how 'n hen Ddraig Benty is beginning it journey of transformation.

Trying to get the light off was more difficult than I thought it would bee as the glue was very strong but whilst I was chiseling the door out I turned the chisel onto that as well lol and off it popped but with a little bit of damage to the ceiling. but that wont be seen once I've done what I want to do with it anyway so I'm not worried

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